Meet Sunny

Sunny is known for his crazy antics and bringing sunny smiles upon the Tampa social schedule off the. He loves Tampa and the surrounding areas. Sunny is looking forward to a very busy 2018!

DOB: July, 30th 2017

Weight: 201 LB

Favorite MovieDolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2

Favorite Music artist: The Chainsmokers

Favorite Food: The “OMG Burger” from Boca Tampa

Favorite Drink: Ice cold water

Favorite Song:  Closer (Lyric) ft. Halsey

Favorite Color: Yellow

 Favorite Past time: Sightseeing

If you would like to request an appearance from Sunny or if you just want to say hi, send him an e-mail at (subject) Sunny !

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Sunny?

A: I’m the Coolest “SUN” you can find

Q: Why can’t Sunny talk?

A: Although Sunny love to interact with the people he meets everyday, he has not mastered the languages on Earth

Q: Can Sunny play play sports ?

A: He could do anything you can do back home, but here on earth he would rather watch and hug people. (His big feet slow him down)

Q: What does Sunny do when there is no tours?

A: Sunny visits children in the hospital, goes to schools, and loves to play catch!

Q: Where does Sunny live?

A: In a secret hide-away that’s always bright

Stay on the lookout for Sunny around Tampa Bay and surrounding areas !!!